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Traditional flavoursome and high quality cuisine

About the restaurant:
There are two dining rooms; a smaller one which contains a fireplace and chimney and a larger one which is deemed more suitable for large celebratory gatherings. The smaller one has a seating capacity for up to fifty people and has a cosy traditional feel to it. The larger dining room caters more for wedding parties, large business lunches and other large special events. The cuisine we offer is both traditional and local to the area and the options range from home made pasta to local game and also fish dishes. You can also experience a range of cheeses local to the area, porcini mushrooms and appetising traditional desserts such as chestnut infused ice-cream or home made apple pie. For wine lovers- we also offer a range of local Valtellina wines.

To those who stay in the hotel:
Breakfast: Breakfast is served between 7:30 and 9:30am. There is a selection of bread, cereal, yoghurt, marmalade and croissants made by our confectioners as well as fruit juices and tea.
Lunch/Dinner: We have the option of a buffet style lunch with organic vegetables from our garden and a large choice menu with first, second and third courses.

About the lounge bar:
If you wish to visit the lounge/bar for a bite to eat or a drink, you have a choice of hot sandwiches, rich sliced salami or local cheeses.